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“[Julia] so completely and clearly loved what she was doing that we had no choice but to love it too – everybody in the room.”    Mark Dewey, Blue Ridge Leader                                        

“…strong songwriting, glorious harmonies, and roots-based melodies that linger like welcome guests.”  Buzz Mcclain, No Depression

Photo by Jay Tamangan @Rogue Crayon

After years of performance being a bass sideman,  and co-fronting popular Loudoun County, Virginia band, One Horse Town, Julia Kasdorf gives us her solo album, “Motel”.    The 11  (8 original, 3 covers)  acoustic guitar-driven  songs show how deep and wide Julia’s musical experience has been.  Solidly Americana, with gleams of Motown, “Motel” shows us what its like to grow up loving rock ‘n roll in a bluegrass household. 

Recorded over the course of a year at studio in the woods, “Motel” pulls together everything that Julia loves about music – flat top guitar, driving rhythm, a little soul, and visceral songwriting.  Julia produced her own album and invited  local legends Jon Carroll, Lynn Kasdorf on pedal steel,  Mike Ault, Buddy Dunlap, and Gary Ferguson to help bring her sound to the acetate.  “Somethings didn’t quite work out, and I painted myself into a couple of corners. There were times when I absolutely didn’t know what to do and wished like heck I had a producer to tell me!” she acknowledges “but I picked the right musicians and “Motel” kicks *ss, just like I wanted it to.”

Album art for “Motel” by Dick Bangham

Julia feared that the weak point of the album might be her singing.  With the help of Les “Nitty Gritty Dirt Band” Thompson, she got away from the kind of pushy delivery she’d developed playing live shows, and found a way to just let the words slip out like honey.  Julia was surprised and gratified by the results, having unexpectedly discovered a new gentle subtlety in her voice.  “I knew that in the process of making “Motel” I’d learn a lot about myself,  about what I wanted to say, about how I wanted to say it.  After all the music I’ve learned and absorbed over the years, I thought something pretty cool might happen.”  Check out some tracks from “Motel” below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  1. Motel Julia Kasdorf 3:38
  2. Long Chain (studio rough) Julia Kasdorf 3:42
  3. Cool Water (studio rough) Julia Kasdorf 4:36
  4. Walk Your Dog (studio rough) Julia Kasdorf 3:23
  5. Blue Veil Julia Kasdorf 5:19
  6. High Southern Latitudes One Horse Town 4:48
  7. On the Mountain Julia Kasdorf 4:41