All-Female Songwriter Night

Hmm.  All-Female.  2017, and we are still having to carve out our space. Howsoever, I was invited to play and you can bet I didn’t stand on principle!

Here we all are playing in the round. Here’s the cool thing I noticed sitting up there: I paid a lot more attention to the songs and was able to hear more and appreciate more about each performer.

One wasn’t a top notch performer, and probably didn’t make much of an impression on the audience, but from my vantage point, I could hear some of the words and discern her chord progressions, and I really think there’s something there.

One was very lively and had cool rhythms on her guitar, and a pretty sexy way of delivering. Really good. I couldn’t restrain from ghosting along with her chord progressions!

Another had a curious way of playing. I believe she tunes her guitar non-standard. I’ve heard her before and wasn’t able to make much of her music, but up onstage, being close enough to watch and hear carefully, I could make out much more.  Her stuff is quirky, perhaps, but pretty cool at the same time, and her voice natural and charming.

Then there’s me. An old hand at the performance racket, a seasoned pro with the lines and scrapes to prove it.  I just do what I always do – talk to everyone, try to get everyone to come in on the chorus (“Girls gotta know!”) and sing to the fans, light fixtures, and distant corners of the room.  As my pal Dave Perry said, “these young girls are all very well, but you took them to school tonight.”  Ha ha! Yep, I don’t mind shepherding the young ‘uns!