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Julia playing bass in SF punk band The Gargoyles, 1990

I was raised on Peter, Paul, & Mary.  I found my way to AC/DC, Miles Davis, Alan Toussaint, Joni Mitchell, & the Stax Record catalog.  All these wonderful musicians have moved me and I like to think some of their presences leak out in my own music.

Photo by Jay Tamangan

I am in the process of recording my first real solo album. I’ve spent the past 100 years playing in other folks’ bands and recording on their records, and now is the time to express my own self. The album is called “Motel”, and should be out by October 2017. All the above influences are represented, distilled into me and my raging rhythm playing, evocative finger-picked ballads, and frank and powerful vocal delivery.

I have loved playing music all my life.  Punk bands in San Francisco, touring jam bands, New Age , all kinds of alternative bands, lots of stints going solo ,co-frontwoman/songwriter of the Wammie Award-winning Loudoun band, One Horse Town, and now a solo live music performer at wineries and breweries.

Too much fun!
Too much fun!

I was thrilled to be a part of Bandhouse Gig’s David Bowie Tribute at the Silver Spring Fillmore in August 2016. See a video of “Diamond Dogs” here.

Belmont Concert Series 2012
Belmont Concert Series 2012

I wrote a powerful spiritual anthem, “Living in Light of God” ,as the Worship Leader at Evergreen Church, Leesburg, VA, a post I left in 2016. My spiritual focus has changed since then, but the song was well-produced Maniacal MediaWorks, Leesburg, VA for the Alt-230 label.  See the video here.

I’ve always been a great lover of nature and of the magic of our biosphere. Check out my rocking environmental rant, “Thin Blue Veil”, very ably produced by my friend Bob Holmcrans.

Julia sitting in with Radney Foster, Jammin Java, Vienna VA

I also give private lessons on guitar, bass, drums, piano, and voice.  For more information about my teaching, please visit  Waterford Music Lessons.

Teaching music is a great benefit to me, because it has got me jumping between drums and the piano, rock’n roll and classical. Then of course I have to keep up my electric chops to keep ahead of my students, plus constantly picking up the new tunes my students want to learn. My life is basically nothing but music these days! I guess its cause music is the only thing I ever really stuck to. 

Julia & the Ready Boys at Franklin Park, Purcellville, VA (Photo by Tacy Judd)