David Bowie Tribute, Silver Spring Fillmore

I had the best time  performing in the Bandhouse Gigs David Bowie Tribute at the Silver Spring Fillmore! I’d been wanting to be in a Bandhouse Gigs performance for a long time and had been assiduously hounding Ronnie about it.  Then the Bowie Tribute showed up and I knew that Thou Shalt Not Hold A Bowie Tribute Sans Julia and on this certainty, made my case.  He gave me a chance and let me participate in 6 songs!  It was beyond cool and fun to play with great muscians in a style to which l’d like to become accustomed – green rooms, big stage,  roadies, top-notch professional make up and styling by Michele Marcello, the works!

I was invited to play a few acoustic Bowie songs (dream come true! Been working up my Bowie set since I was 15!) at Fillmore’s Vertical Lounge before the show. That’s where the the cool Diamond Dog video came from. shot by my pal, Jay Tamangan. Here are some more photos Jay shot from that cool event.