Water Color

I’m watercoloring. I’m not promoting my album, or A-B ing masters.  I’m not writing my bio, or tweeting or fussing about on instagram.  I’m touching a little spot of fire engine red with the tip of my brush, swirling it through a drop of water, and easing it onto the roof of a house I drew in black pen on paper.  I really like this house.  Nice blue wood panels above a story of stonework. Nice red roof.

All this art-ing is very pleasant, and I enjoy the unpredictable magic of watercolor, how the color varies as it dries, leaving a natural effect.  But this pursuit is not moving my album towards completion.  I am proud of my record. I am pleased with most of my decisions and mostly thrilled that I’m getting the darn thing done! But being the boss is a relentless job. No sooner is one thing done, then another rears it head and I have to make more decisions.

Right now I’m trying to choose between a couple masters. I decided to NOT go with the tried and true local wizard and chose instead someone well-recommended but a lot cheaper.  And the lot cheaper guy handed in some masters that sound too trebly to me. Dustin, my engineer, said he can’ t really tell a diff with the masters except that they are louder than the mixed tracks.  So what did I pay for? Did I make a mistake going with John in Atlanta? Should I cut my losses and hand the job back to Bill Wolf? Should I use Dustin’s masters?  I swear, I have NO idea. Fates forfend that I make a mistake! 

Its my album! Its critical! this is the biggest single decision I make for the record – I have to know what I’m doing!! Only I don’t.

Maybe a little brown mixed into the fire engine red to give it that rustic look.