I embark on a new album!

And boy howdy, ain’t it time! I ain’t released a (worthy) cd in over 10 years! Ive been on some compilations and released a Desperation Amalgamation -a bunch of outtakes! – to support a big gig. But I really haven’t had any focus, any real concept of what the album should be like and what and who should be on it. Well, there’s nothing like a deadline to home your focus! My husband “Leon” and I will be opening for a good (and successful!) friend of mine next november. And he said he hoped to have something new recorded for then, and I realized Holy Smoke! It’ll look AWFUL if we play this nice sit-down gig without any cds to sell! highly motivating.


Therefore, I have resolved to have a new 10 song cd out by next July. I need to find out where to track it, and who to have mix it and produce it. So I put out a post on FB and got some good ideas. Then I need to have the killer cd cover, and I sure don’t want to leave THAT til last, so what kind of cover? Heck, what should the thing be called? Then I dredged up an old, dusty, long-abandoned vision – an album called Motel. The cover will feature the coolest old busted down motel i can find. The back will be the same shot, but with me in it, skulking by my door, maybe about to bolt inside. Well, maybe.

Now I have to pick the songs, dust ’em off, brush em up, and lay them down. Then I’ll have them ready to send out to potential producers and the session guys.

Money? Oh, Right. So glad you asked that question! Well, I think I can manage $5000 which means I’ll end up paying close to $7000 by the law of averages. But the time has come for commitment to my art! I’m done with doin this on the cheap. I want something I can be proud of. Something I would like to listen to, over and over again.