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Thanks so much, Julia, for an awesome night of music at our winery birthday party! You really set the mood and understood the wide range of music that we enjoy. As you know, everyone had a blast. It would not have been the night it was without your beautiful guitar playing and singing, and letting the birthday boy join you for a song was really kind. We can’t thank you enough for your help and participation in making our occasion extra special and a lot of fun!  — Kathy Chapman

“You know how people are 98% water? I think Julia is 98% music.” – Juanita, Loudoun County music lover

I’ll go ahead and quote that friend of mine because I reckon that’s pretty much true. I’ve been playing music professionally for 40 years, and learning and absorbing every step of the way. My dad got me started on the Carter Family, & my brother got me into ACDC.  I stumbled into punk bands in San Francisco and came through the back door into the wonderful jazz world of the Real Book.  I love it & and I play it all.

Taking their cue from regional success story Last Train Home — as well as taking their rhythm section of drummer Martin Lynds and bassist Jim Gray — Washington, D.C., band One Horse Town works its magic with strong songwriting, glorious harmonies, and roots-based melodies that linger like welcome guests. Vocalist Janet Emma Garbe and vocalist-guitarist Julia Kasdorf, whose husband Lynn Kasdorf flavors the tunes with tasteful steel and dobro, are skillfully sincere but also playful and loose on “Stronger”, “Language Of Goodbye” and “Heart Of Indigo”. All the elements come together on the rollicking and rolling “On The Mountain”; everyone’s contributions combine to create a wickedly catchy number. The ace in the hole is veteran producer Jon Carroll, who lends a powerful piano and keyboard presence throughout.  Buzz Mcclain, No Depression, Nov 2006.