julia kasdorf live music performer

“Julia Kasdorf” Julia Kasdorf

“Original melodies and lyrics, very pleasing to the ear!”  “Fantastic songs!” “Great melodies, great lyrics!”

Julia Kasdorf pulls from all her influences in the writing and recording of these songs. “Motel” is a superb alt-country ballad, “Minute I’m Gone” a swampy soul strut, and “Blue Veil” a rocking and powerful eco-anthem.  Julia plays bass and acoustic guitar, and is wonderfully supported by her pedal steel playing husband, “Leon” (One Horse Town) Kasdorf.  The songs were produced in various places, with different producers – astonishingly, Julia has never met anyone who played on her anthem “Blue Veil” since the song was flown around to different studios by her producer, Bob (WPGC) Holmcrans, but one would never know it by the way the musicians team up to pump this rocker into the stratosphere!  Different studios, players, producers – but Julia’s velvet voice and top-notch songwriting always takes center stage.