cover of "Motel"


Oh, man! i am SO psyched about this record! So close to being done – just a couple more parts to lay down and then its onto mixing! I cannot believe how well it’s turning out. I had these ideas and got some folks in to play their stuff and man, I DIG IT. Extremely rocking and quite grooving. And stomping. Here are a couple of rough tracks – not even mixed yet – but I already love them.

I was determined to reveal who I am through this record, as much for my benefit as for anyone else’s. I’ve been focusing hard to not edit myself to please others – I’m going to let my instincts rule this record. Chord progressions, treatments, production values – MINE!  :-) You see, this is a journey to discover who I am as 2017 ripens.

Some of the songs are southern soul, some straight up rock, some are bluegrass. This might result in a kind of uneven record – I can’t help it – that’s whats been written through me and I shan’t edit my selections based on genre. I made the decision to put a solid investment in my drummer, Dwayne Nitz.  If you have good drums, then you really have something to build on. If you cheap out on your drummer, you might have recurring problems trying to deal with weak spots on the track.

I’ve put two soul tunes into the capable hands of Jon Carroll. He says they’re right over his plate!  I brought in my pal Buddy Dunlap to race away on his flat top and fiddle for the more rootsy tunes – Lover’s Farewell, Old Coat, and Long Chain –  and man, those songs really stomp! There’s a song I wrote years ago called “On Hold”. I have always loved the progression and drive of the tune but never could stick the chorus. So I finally put my head down and rewrote it and now its called “Walk Your Dog”. Much wilder, romping tune now, full of rock ‘n roll nonsense. But it feels good.  I’ve redone the ballad of our family farm, Cold Saturday.  Its a solid tune, but needs a gentle hand to bring it along.  A little touch of Gary’s mandolin makes the magic!

Me and the studio boys will be showcasing tunes from “Motel” at the Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville, VA, November 18, 2017.  We’re opening for Loudoun’s Entertainer of the Year 2016, and my good friend, Jason Masi, and his band. Please come and help make the evening great by your presence!