Thin Blue Veil Lyrics

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I'm gonna say some things you ain't gonna wanna hear
But it's something that we can't ignore
We're burning down this earth like we could just pick up another
The next time we go to the store.

Everything we buy costs more than what we pay
If you follow all the chemicals through
Land fills filling up, PCBs turning up 
Because of stupid things we do.

We never give a thought when we jump into our cars
About the drilling that's killing the ground
Don't blame the President for wrecking the environment
When we're the ones suckin' it down

When it gets to cold, we run to Arizona
And turn our air conditioner high
When it rains too much, we run to California
And drink the Colorado dry.

Outside there's a thin blue veil
between us and the dark of space
These systems are starting to fail
We're losing the human race.

Buying junk from China cause we think we're saving money
But how much does it really cost?
To exploit the kids of China and wreck their land and rivers
You know its everybody's loss.

We blow the tops off the mountains cause we got to get the coal
To keep the power coming to our door
But we could find a better way if we took a bit today
Of all the money that we blow on war.


If not now when
If not us who
You know its really up to me and its up to you
How much house, how much stuff?
How will we know when we've got enough?
We have enough.

Pull yourself back, way up in the sky
High above the atmosphere
You can't see the guns, you can't hear the crying
Earth sure looks good from here.

Its lonely out in space, you can't even breathe
No other life as far as we know
Looking down from up above, the little planet that we love
Our fragile blue-green home.



All the junk we gotta buy
New stuff we just gotta try
When its old don't throw it out
Make it do or do without

Stay at home don't drive the car
Find out who your neighbors are
Teach your kids to play guitar
Sit outside and watch the stars.

Melting snow, hurricanes
No more Olympic Winter games
Coral reef, ocean zoo
When they go, then we go, too.

Arctic glaciers need the frost
All the fish are getting lost
What about the polar bears
Cmon man, I know you care.

I'd love to change the world...

(c) 1999 Julia A. Kasdorf