Why I am Making This Record

why i am making this record julia kasdorf  singersongriterWhy I am making this record? Gosh, isn’t it obvious? isn’t this what all professional musicians do? Isn’t it what any self-respecting musician, with any claim to ambition and status has to do?

Yes, i reckon i’ve always looked at it that way.  But right now i’m after something else, too. Discovery. I’ve always loved music, played music, explored and performed all kinds and on different instruments, as sideman and as front woman.  i am the distillation of long years and varied experiences in the music trade. Now let’s hear it!

To this end, I am taking full control of this record. I am making the decisions on this record according my waxing-waning intuition.  why should i follow a manual of what’s  been done before? i’m not beholden to some record company who wants hits. there’s no one to disappoint but myself.

i want to meet the person i’ve become after 40 years of playing music.